In my father's shoes - Grundtvig Learning Partnership

About the project:   

The project addresses the issues of inter-generational cooperation and solidarity. The modern society emphasizes individuality and solidarity, especially regarding older generation is becoming less important. Due to the fact that the society is changing very fast and that most people have difficulties to keep up with the changes as it is, there is very little time left to stop and think how those changes affect other generations. Each generation is dealing with its problems and tries to meet the request of modern society. Within the project we are offering members of three generations: a son/daughter, father/mother and grandfather/grandmother an unique experince by involving them in various activities enabling them to spend and live “a day in his/hers father’s shoes”: a young person (teenager) will spend few days as a grown-up and as senior, a grown-up will spend few days as teenager and as senior and a senior will spend few days as a grown-up and as a teenager. By experiencing the lives of each other and by additional activities we will enable the individuals to better understand the needs and demands of other generations and increase the solidarity between them.