THESS - Tourism and Hotel management Educational Soft Skills

Overarching goal of the THESS project is to establish a practical European Standard qualifications for sector hotel and tourism that is cost and time efficient and available for wide range of potential users.

General project objectives:

1. To support personal development through the universal take up of formal, nationally accredited qualifications, cross-referenced with the EQF, by lowering barriers to entry.

2. To provide a focus that facilitates migration of SMEs, schools and government organizations from proprietary desktop technologies to open web based technologies enabling a more competitive and dynamic knowledge-based economy.

3. To enable the set up of new service led businesses that support open systems throughout Europe with a focus on transparency of competencies under-pinning grades that are easy to read and compare and support credit accumulation and transfer.

Concrete project goals:

1. to prepare Market Research Report including any partner national frameworks or certification related to the sector hotel and tourism

2. to provide comprehensive support in English, Slovene, Dutch, Bulgarian, Polish and Turkish through web site development and handbooks.

3. to assure on-line management systems for recording assessment, issuing and authenticating certificates in the partner languages

4. to establish 6 national THESS moderation centers in partner countries

5. to prepare a training manual supporting assessors available in partner languages 6. to train 20 teachers as assessor trainers

7. to prepare new qualifications handbook available in 6 languages.

8. to issue 200 certificates by the end of year 2

9. to carry out dissemination via national and international conferences.